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Mt. Zion Meeting House

Mt. Zion Meeting House

Somers, New York

Stabilization, conservation and placement on the National Register of Historic Places of the Mt. Zion Meeting House in Somers, New York. Initially constructed by Micajah Wright, a local carpenter and farmer, in 1794 in a vernacular Federal Style. A second story was added and the building overlaid with Greek Revival Style detailing in the 19th century. A gallery overlooks the pulpit on three sides.

The Mt. Zion Meeting House is the oldest Methodist Meeting House in Westchester County. Its simplicity is reflective of traditional Methodist buildings as mandated by Bishop Francis Asbury who proclaimed, “let all our chapels be built plain and decent, but no more expensive than is absolutely unavoidable”. The original setting, on top of a hill surrounded on three sides by gravestones dating back to 1797, is maintained.

  • interior view