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ACSA Prónay Palace
Front Facade

ACSA Prónay Palace

Acsaújlak, Hungary

Reconstructed by Gábor Prónay I, a nobleman to the designs of Giovanni Carlone Battista, a master builder from Italy in a Baroque style between 1735 and 1740 from the ruins of a medieval castle which had been damaged during the Turkish occupation. With its four turrets and hilltop location, it is a late Renaissance interpretation of a castle. In the 19th century neo-Baroque details were added by Baron Pronay, further enhancing the palace.

During the Second World War, the palace was used by the Russians for disabled soldiers. In 1994, the palace was vacant, the internal layout and exterior organization remained, including a bridge over the entrance drive leading to the former formal gardens.

Only 26 miles from Budapest, the medieval origins of Prónay Palace were an opportunity for interesting research and the plain white walls likely concealed wall painting to compliment the Baroque ceilings. Advancement of research, conservation. furnishing and decoration.