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14 Wall Street
14 Wall Street Plans

14 Wall Street


Adaptation of the 31st floor of 14 Wall Street into the La Tour D’Or restaurant. 14 Wall Street was designed by Trowbridge & Livingston in a classical revival style and constructed in 1912 as the headquarters for the Bankers Trust Company. The stepped pyramid at the top became the logo for Bankers Trust. The 31st floor is surrounded on four sides by terraces.

During the adaptation, Trowbridge & Livingston’s plan for the 31st floor were unearthed, The plan, as revised on April 15, 1910, show a large office, an apartment with a living room, two bedrooms and a bath and a further apartment with two bedrooms, a small dining room, a small living room and a large kitchen which may have been a planned executive suite. There have been reports that J. Pierpont Morgan had an apartment on the 31st floor, but the Landmarks Preservation Commission Designation Report states that “J.P. Morgan & Company canceled its plans to move to the 31st floor.”

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