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Haughwout Building

Haughwout Building

490 Broadway, SoHo, Manhattan

Landmarks Preservation Commission approval for the 1994 restoration of the exterior of the Haughwout Building, a five story store and loft building in the SoHo District. Designed by John Gaynor, Architect, in a Venetian neo-Renaissnace Style and constructed in 1857 with cast iron components from Daniel Badger’s Architectural Iron Works.

The arched windows, set between fluted Corinthian columns with underlying balustrades are reminiscient of those on Jacopo Sansovino’s library on the Piazzetta di San Marco in Venice. Conservation work included the repair of the cast iron components, replacement of missing elements, reconfiguration, installation of the historic first floor infill in accordance with original drawings and repainting in the historic colors based upon paint analysis.